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frequently asked questions

What do I need to be prepared for the first practice?

  • Make sure you are registered with USA Water Polo and DC DPR

  • Bring a bathing suit 

    • DC Panthers has bathing suits of various sizes - reach out to us if you need one!​

  • Optional: swim goggles

    • Players may wear them for swimming warm up, but they are not allowed during the game​

    • If you wear prescription goggles, approved prescription specs may be worn in the water - reach out to us if you need assistance

  • Watch the videos provided under the what is water polo page to become familiar with the rules and techniques of water polo

What are the expectations?

  • Children Expectations:

    • commitment to learning​

    • consistency in attendance to practice

    • come prepared and be on time for practice

    • respect all players and coaches on the team

  • Parent Expectations:

    • commitment to helping your child attend consistently​

      • please email us ( if you have to miss a practice​

      • each practice will build on the previous practice which is why attendance is crucial

    • encourage additional practice if you have access to a pool

    • willingness to learn

      • feel free to stay on deck during practice and watch your child​

How can I stay updated on necessary information?

  • Initial communication will be through a list serve

  • Moving forward we will discuss other options like TeamSnap, a web & phone app

  • If you have questions or concerns don't hesitate to email us!

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